Get real, independent assurance that

protects your company from this.

92% of IT Leaders

spend more on

licenses than

they need to.

As IT leaders we need to be sure

we're not

our environment
is secure

we're creating platforms
for innovation

Choosing the right licensing model alone can be daunting. Most IT leaders aren't always aware of all they're entitled to. Existing investments aren't fully leveraged before new purchases are made. Moreover, securing the environment takes such priority that innovation projects fall behind, some never seeing the light of day.

Getting this right isn't
always easy

Altron Karabina is proud to introduce Qiniseka,

a simple and affordable way for any IT leader to be sure.

Carefully designed as a product for South African companies,
Qiniseka comes with a unique no-fee guarantee.

In only one-week, Qiniseka will reveal immediate cost-saving opportunities.
If Qiniseka does not expose cost-savings (or deployment opportunities)
within this time, the client does not pay.

Qiniseka is an isiZulu word meaning “to be sure” or “to rest assured.” This term was chosen
because it aptly conveys the intention of this product.

As an additional value-add, Qiniseka is likely to unearth technical challenges that may keep projects from advancing, owing to legacy platforms. Should such situations arise, Altron Karabina commits to finding a solution to any such challenge. In the event that they fail to deliver one, Qiniseka will be delivered at no charge.

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For a very limited time, get the full Qiniseka service (valued at R60,000) at no charge.

There is no requirement to change your current provider.
Qiniseka is delivered non-intrusively and independently alongside
existing projects.


How do you find cost savings?

We engage in a Microsoft Licensing Advisory workshop to help you understand what you have versus what you need. We also review your Microsoft Azure tenants to understand if you are paying too much for what you need.

We already have a licensing provider, and/or an Azure Service provider – does this matter?

There's no need to make any changes to how you currently work. We can work with you on the advisory/discovery step and then you decide afterwards what you do with the information.

How sure are you that you will find cost savings?

In 90% of our engagements, we find cost savings for our customers. Beyond this, we continue to help our customers remain within budget. Microsoft Licensing and Microsoft Azure can get complicated and we have the experts to simplify things.

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We will call you to answer your questions
regarding Qiniseka.

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